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Can‘t remember a life without music.
My mother, a pianist herself, taught piano from morning till night and my father, an enthusiastic hobby guitarist, also filled our home with music. So it was natural that I started playing the piano myself: At the age of six, at the same time as I entered primary school, I also started my education at the conservatoire, where I received solfeggio once a week according to the French system of „conservatoires“, as well as piano lessons with Nihan Yapali. 1991 was a turning point in my life: After I got a place at the German School Istanbul in the most important examination in school education in Turkey, I was allowed to participate in the German youth music competition „Jugend musiziert“ every year. Five years in a row I won first prizes there in different categories. These experiences of success, but also the intensive friendships among young musicians, were the decisive reason for me to want to make piano playing my profession. My piano teacher Prof. Meral Yapali was the formative figure in my musical education in Istanbul. The teacher/student relationship soon developed into a very personal and loving relationship. I was with her almost every weekend, we practised from morning to night, cooked, listened to music and watched films. With a scholarship from the German School Istanbul, I was able to fulfil my dream in 2007 and study in Cologne. I met my piano professor there, Prof. Vassily Lobanov, at the summer academy of the Mozarteum in Salzburg when I was 18 years old. I was most enthusiastic about chamber music, perhaps also because of the social and interpersonal aspect, which has always been important to me in my life. I had an incredible, very inspiring teacher of chamber music in Prof. Anthony Spiri, with whom I was able to complete my Master‘s degree. My passion for chamber music has fortunately brought me together with world-renowned, great musicians, such as Gautier Capucon, Clemens Hagen, Mirijam Contzen, Sebastian Manz, Ilya Gringolts and Matvey Demin. In 2014 I married the pianist Herbert Schuch. We are not only a love duo, but also a piano duo. We perform together in wonderful concert halls in Europe and Turkey, and have already recorded three CDs with a wide range of repertoire.In 2019 I became a very happy mother! A new identity alongside my other identities as a wanderer between Cologne and Istanbul, a daughter, a student, a pianist, a woman and the most important: as a human being.

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